Portrait & Headshots

I offer a range of Portrait and Headshot services. From Actors, Musicians, Professionals, Models, or just for you to look your best. There is something special about a portrait when it clicks. I find portraiture to be the most rewarding challenge as it is a true collaboration. They can tell a story, evoke emotion, or just make you smile, marking a moment in tme.  My rates vary depending on complexity, travel and time, I try to be as flexible as I can with Portraits. 

With promotional headshots for Actors, Models and Professionals the challenge is totally different. I prefer a very simple set up and minimal retouching. They have a specific purpose, show your best you. Sessions last between 1 and 3 hours depending on their purpose and the variety and I prepare them to meet your needs.

Basic Session  - $4
This basic headshot session takes less then 30 minutes to accommodate busy schedules. To maximize flexibility I take 3/4 length photos (waist up), and provide a head & shoulders crop of the image as well.  You are provided an image that is suitable for Business Cards, Websites and General Self Promotion. The files are emailed to you (or your printer if you wish) within 24 hours. 

A Full Session*
Designed to provide 2 - 3 unique images suitable for any purpose. I put up proofs for you too look at on a password protect site. I allow you to choose your 3 favourites to finish processing. I will then email the images and provide a thumb drive with High Resolution files with in 3-5 days so you can start using them right away. 

Theatrical Session* 
This is a full Session for actors and performers. I work with you to get teh best images for your needs. We go over the shots to pick the right ones for you. I will then process and prepare them to your or your agencies needs and requirements so they are ready for printing. 

A Custom Session*
If your schedule filled I'll come to you, set up and shoot at your office or place of choosing. For this package we will discuss your needs, time constraints, location constraints and base the pricing on that. I process the photos then email the images as well as provide a thumb drive with High Resolution files to your self or someone you designate. 

An Office* 
When doing multiple headshots for an office or business I come to you, and do a head shot or 3/4 length suitable for cropping depending on your needs. I process the images and then provide the images on a thumb drive. These images are suitable for Business Cards, The Web and General Self Promotion.

*Contact me for rates, via the Contact link at the top. Rates are based on location, number of people, and  complexity of the shoot. 

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